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Who is lumé

Chicago based independent recording artist and 474 Syndicate Founder.  Lumé is instantly recognizable by his catchy hooks and unique song structures.  As a rapper turned singer Lumé has a style unrivaled in modern music.  Lumé otherwise known has Michael Mulé has a long background in music. 


Team lumé

When you pull back the curtains of Lumé you find a strong, deep rooted team focused on nothing but good music. Money and fame were not the blocks which built this operation but more simply the love of creating music.  Many stories and acts of fate brought this group together, too many to list here, just know that an organized, diversely skilled collective like this isn’t something you see everyday, especially one having a blast every step of the way.

the syndicate

Debut Studio album [lust]

Lust is the soon to be pop sensation Lumé’s debut studio album.  This album is like nothing you have heard before.  Lust pulls inspiration from every influence in modern music and not because it was designed that way.  Lust is a smorgasbord of Lumé and his teams inspirations within music, their varying interests and genres, even their backgrounds and attention to intricacy.

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